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Creative Labs SB0200 Sound Blaster Live! 5. 1 Pci Audio Sound Card

SB0200 Sound Blaster Live 5 1 Pci Audio
Creative Labs SB0200 Sound Blaster Live 5 1 Pci Audio Sound Card Image 1Creative Labs SB0200 Sound Blaster Live 5 1 Pci Audio Sound Card Image 2Creative Labs SB0200 Sound Blaster Live 5 1 Pci Audio Sound Card Image 3Creative Labs SB0200 Sound Blaster Live 5 1 Pci Audio Sound Card Image 4

Creative Labs / Dell

Model: SB0200
UPS: 608938995780
Package Quantity: 1

The SB0200 Sound Blaster Live 5. 1 Pci Audio is a fantastic sound card. 0R533 is the model number for this desktop sound card. I think you will like that the sound card features upmixes mono or stereo sources to 5. 1 channels. Other features consist of 64-voice hardware wavetable synthesizer. The audio card weighs approximately 0.38 lbs. For your transaction goes smoothly and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll give you some hints prior to purchasing this desktop sound card. To make sure you will not be unhappy after purchasing it as well as in accordance with the item you require. There is also cost comparisons from suppliers that we met, to ensure you truly get the very best value presently for this excellent product. How to buy a SB0200 Sound Blaster Live 5. 1 Pci Audio.

~DOES NOT COME IN ORIGINAL RETAIL PACKAGING~ VIDEO CARD ONLY! Dolby Digital (AC-3) 5. 1 channels. Upgrade or replace your present audio card with our wide option of Dell and other branded video cards. 1 Audio Decoding: Decodes Dolby Digital (AC-3) to 5. 5. Product Specifications: Creative Sound Blaster EMU10K1 chipset, PCI 2. 5. Connectors: Line level output (front/side/rear/center/subwoofer) , Digital output for 5. 1 compliant interface, 32-bit digital processing with 192 d B dynamic range, 8-point interpolation for high high quality audio reproduction, 64-voice hardware wavetable synthesizer, Professional-quality digital mixing and equalization. Combine it with a four- or five-speaker setup and you'll experience realistic 3D audio, EAX in supported games, and enjoy your movies with true surround sound. 1 support, Line-in, Microphone, Auxiliary-in, Telephone answering device-in, Analog/digital CD audio-in, D-Sub MIDI interface : Doubles as a Joystick port. Our Dell audio cards will work effectively in any brand system, not just Dell systems! 1 is the top audio remedy for your games, movies, CDs, MP3 songs and other Internet entertainment. 1 Channels, Compresses Audio to Dolby Digital to external decoder, Bass Redirection: Enhances bass output to subwoofer for small satellite speaker systems. Creative Multi Speaker Surround (CMSS) : Multi-speaker technology, Professional-quality panning and mixing algorithm, Upmixes mono or stereo sources to 5. With its help for today's top audio standard - EAX - Sound Blaster Live! 1 creates real-life, multi-dimensional sound and multi-textured acoustical environments for 1 of the most realistic 3D audio experience. Its powerful EMU10K1 audio processor delivers audio at optimum CPU performance with all the highest fidelity and absolute clarity. Sound Blaster Live! DOES NOT COME WITH CABLES, DRIVERS, MANUALS, ETC.


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